Session 5 - Trial of the rogue

Our group travels back to qualdron, reports to Leon, receives their reward. After the party exits the building, time stops. everything around them is frozen. Suddenly, a flash of light. After the blinding flash subsides, the adventurers find themselves in a room. The only way is forward. They venture through the trap infested dungeon. As they progress, they fight wraith after wraith. The party is about to open a door, and the hear a voice : from behind them telling them not to open the door. A goblin says that the door is trapped and not to open it. The party doesn’t listen and proceeds to bathed in acid.

The goblin explains that he has been trapped down here for a week, was looking for treasure. The goblin asks if he can join along and help, so he can escape. They come to a bridge and the goblin suddenly remembers someone telling him that a follow of kord will aid him from the darkness. Torin proceeds to lead the way on the bridge and comes to a symbol of kord. He prays and the door opens. They see a pile of gold and another symbol of kord. After exploring a bit, they find a corpse. Beside the corpse, is a lever. Grozz, our barbarian, proceeds to pull the lever. It opens a passage and a juvenille black dragon comes flying down. After the party destroys it, the party, minus snig(the goblin) is transported back outside of leon’s office.

Session 4 - 32 DC Athletics Checks

The adventurers head back for town of Wrond. The heroes decide to stay there for a night, by the time the adventurers wake, apparently word has spread of their actions. The townspeople give them gifts and ask of them many tasks. None of the adventurers help any of the townspeople and decide to press on to Qualdron. But they do find an interesting alchemist, selling potions; some of which are quite strange, including anything from changing hair color to armor color. On the way there, they meet up with a crazy wizard on a hovering ‘motorcycle’ who takes vials of their blood. The warlock seems very interested in him.

They get back to Qualdron and report to Leon. He explains there is a bandit encampment in a small dungeon. They are given a key, and are instructed to flood the dungeon with it. As soon as they put in the key, the dungeon starts flooding immediately.This process was supposed to take days. The barbarian,cleric and warlock are all fighting for their life against the force of the waters rushing down upon them. They fight the water and manage to escape(Skill Check Encounter).

Session 3 - Left for dead

The party rested behind the safety of a stack of zombie corpses.


After our rogue had tended to some business in Qualdron, he comes back with a mercenary under his command, a half-dragon paladin. They fight through the undeath and cavern crawlers throughout the cave, and the adventurers come to a room with 4 prison cells made of electricity and a large button on the wall. This room was heavily guarded, so the party dispenses of the enemies, contained of wights,wraiths, zombies, and ghouls. After the fight, the party slides the large stone button into place. The wights are unleashed, and resurrect some of the fallen undead. After the fight a bright flash blinds the party.

The party now has an oceanic vista in their sights. The party feels at completely peace. After a few moments of bliss, a large angelic figure appears in front of them. The figure tells them “This party, your party, has a great and pure deed in it’s future. Everyone one of you has their part to play, keep true to yourself, and you shall see yourself come into what you most desire; be it power, greatness, wealth, or even bliss. Even though i may not agree with everything you will do to get there, in the end your actions will be forever remembered.”

After that, the party’s drow glows of an orange tint. The party makes its way back to the treasure room to find the southern door’s text bar to be half glowing. With the same tint as the drow. After some though the party finally solves the puzzle “Dive right onto water”. The answer was to bring a drow and pronounce “etor.” The treasure unlocks and the party finds a large amount of treasure.

Kelthon Cavern Encounters

* Zombies
* Chokers
* Wights,Wraiths,Zombies
* Horde of zombies(70+)
* Our barbarian has a new found hate for crawlers
* Our warlock seems to be pleased that the party has found a real tank
* Our cleric and warlock fend of the horde of zombies
* Our paladin and rogue were attacked by chokers on the way back to the party, and saved by the rest of the party
* Warlock figures out the first part of the puzzle, while paladin figures out the second part
* Strangely, everyone got a piece of loot from the treasure
* Paladin falls unconscious and almost dies in last fight of the night
* Rogue has a new pet, the paladin, it seems

Session 2 - The shadows have arms

Restraining tentacles and chokers , to be more exact.

The party rested and recovered and continued towards their destination.

Encounter 4

* Rogue jumps party’s warlock, but barely penetrates temp hp
* What looked like an adventuring party was destroying the town


They reach the town and find a group of adventurers demolishing this town. The adventurers decide to do the right thing and assist the town. The barbarian and cleric face off against another barbarian and wizard. Our warlock handles a rogue from the back. Our party dispenses of the enemies quickly.

Later, the party meets up with their towns leader, Jarone. He says that they haven’t seen an adventuring party attack their town, and they haven’t seen an adventuring party in almost a year period. After some discussion, Jarone asks the group for some help. Apparently the town has been pestered by some undead, mostly simple zombies. He asks the party to try and find the source, and that most of the zombies have come from the direction of the Kalthon cavern. He also mentions of a great treasure there that adventurers have yet to unlock. He gives the drow a locked box with a note wrapped around it. The box unlocks as soon as the drow touches it. The box contains a slightly luminous rock and the note says “He shall go into the light.”

Our adventuring party makes it there with little trouble. They fight a variety of deadly creatures, ranged from zombie minions to chokers and ettercap. Most notably a puzzle room. The adventurers manage to unlock one piece of the treasure with the clue and puzzle piece that Jarone gave them.

Kelthon Cavern

* Zombies
* Chokers
* Ettercap and deathjump spiders
* Chokers annoy the hell out of the party with the grapple tactics
* The parties bash their heads against the puzzles in the treasure room
* They release a dire rat from a webbed cocoon from the spiders and ettercap the fought with a seconds thought.
* Barbarian and cleric are still rushing head first into things, without thinkin, wonder how much longer they’ll last :P

Session 1 - CHARGEEE


Our adventurers awake to each other in what appears to be an inn’s bedroom. They are unaware of who each other. Content Not Found: Grozz bashes the only door in sight open, blazing fires are consuming the building, and the only exit is the window in the room they awoke in.

After escaping the building, they realize they are in the capitol city of Qualdron. Choksy’s inn isn’t the only burning building in town, various other buildings in sight are blazing. Looking towards the city gate, they see some of the city’s archers on the gate shooting out at something past the gate. The city’s gate is being bashed from the other city from what only could be a battering ram. Our adventurers start to head there. Shortly after, a tall gate-like object start to rise behind the gate, after rising, a small flash bursts from the gate and a white teaming film covers the gate.

Fireballs fly towards City guard archers and knock off a hefty chunk of the archers. The gate crashes open, and hundreds if not thousands of Drow are flowing through. The adventurers immediately turn the other direction, and their cleric Torin Fellstone, suggests to run to a temple. They take refuge in there with some of the city’s citizens and a couple of their paladins. Their rogue knows of an escape path of the city through the city’s tunnels. They leave the church and onto the road. A blinding flash comes from the portal that was erected earlier. Everyone is blinded for a few seconds. After gaining vision, all of the Drow are gone, simply disappeared.

The adventurers head towards the portal. One of the guard scouts head into the portal, comes out and claims the other side to be clear. Qualdron’s commander, Rodnian, asks the group of adventurers along with a couple of scouts to go through and scout out the portal. After offering a reward, the group accepts. The adventurers go through the portal and find a cavern entrance. They start heading there and see a group of 6 knights donning the tabard of Polna and a wizard in red robes. After getting close, the wizard slams his staff into the ground and in a flash, the 6 knights disappear. The wizard explains that the 6 knights are the reason for the drows’ destruction. He goes back with the group and explains what happened to their commander.

The commander tells them to report to their guard captain tomorrow for some work. They need to find out who let these infiltrators to the city and set our buildings ablaze. The guard captain, Leon, asks them to investigate one of their army’s suppliers. He wants this done secretly, so no guards will be present at the nearby post that night. After getting into their building, they find a trap door, leading to a basement. At first glance, it appears to be only boxes of supplies. After moving some boxes, the adventurers find a large tunnel. They decide to follow it, after about a mile, they find a ladder up.

Encounter 1

* The party quickly finds out Torin and Grozz act before they think
* The enemy wizard got a spell off and they got torn down by melee
* Horses ran off in the distance during the fight
* Found a journal essentially saying they were under command of the wizard
* Found a goblin shaman murdered by a drow dagger


It looks like an encampment of goblins. The goblin next to the ladder has fallen asleep on his guard post. That goblin gets a good ole coup de grace. The cleric, fighter, and rogue, all go up and cut their own tents. Cleric and bugbear don’t really try to be the sneaky. Our cleric throws some alchemist fire into the tent at the goblins. Our heroes fight off around 10-15 goblins. Somewhere during the fight, one of adventurers manage to hear the sound of horses running away from the encampment. They come to the largest tent with the two goblin guards, they retreat inside. They cleric and barbarian line up and head into the tent. They get blasted with a burning hands and the goblins readied attacks against them. They absolutely demolish the wizard and proceed to take out the wizard. After the fight, Grozz proceeds to bash down tent after tent. They also find it looks like this tent was quickly cleaned up and has a journal of one of the goblins. The rogue finds a goblin shaman in one of the tents slain by a drow dagger.

Encounter 2

* Wolves jumped the party


A pack of wolves containing dire wolves and regular wolves surprised the party and attacked them.

Encounter 3

* The party gets tricked by a ‘helpless caravan’ and is jumped by bandits
* An orc warlord appeared to be commanding these bandits
* Cleric charged into the caravan bloodied and almost died


On their way there, the party find a broken down caravan that claims they need the party’s help. Soon after they reach the caravan, bandits jump them and an orc warlord busts out of the caravan charging the party’s bugbear barbarian. It was an extremely close encounter, they were outnumbered, but nevertheless, the party managed victory. After the battle was over the cleric, still bloodied, went into the caravan, and got jumped by two bandits that were waiting for them. He was unconscious shortly there after. The rest of the party managed to kill the remaining bandits and recovered the cleric.


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