The Ambush

Our party prepares to depart from the Tutela Camp. Before they leave, two mercenaries are assigned to their party.

Heres a quick overview of the current party :

Mardred played by Jordan Peck A Female Dwarf Shaman coming from a dying clan of Dwarves in search for the meaning of life.

Alek Baun played by Garret Delancy A Human Wizard with a large arsenal of spells and tricks up his sleeve.

Grozz played by Kevin Dedon A bugbear barbarian with a soft spot for kittens and an undying urge for levers.

James played by Matt Abbott A halfling assassin who only has the party’s interest in mind and a prejudice against women.

Borudor played by Jacob Bertrand(Train) A sturdy Dwarf Warden whose superb control of the battlefield is only surpassed by his ever-lasting hit point pool.

After recruiting Mardred and Alek, the army of the tutela and adventurers head for Armsted, supposedly, to retrieve the As’rathi artifact. As sunset approaches, the party makes camp. Mardred happens to notice a body lying just outside of the camp. A man in leather armor, exhausted and parched, begs for something to quench his thirst. After Mardread produces some drink, the man proceeds to tell them that he is a scout for the tutela. He reports to the leader of the army and tells them of an approaching marsfall army to the village of Armsted. The party and army decides to set up an ambush point, and increase the chances of taking the town. After some strategizing, the group has a plan.

The first step in this plan : Have Alek cast a spell to simulate the appearances of hobgoblins and bugbears in order to gain information on the enemy. After some failed bluff checks and a smart elect remark to the Fomorian Ghost Shaman, the negotiations are over. The army of marsfell is ambushed by the party and their army. A fight ensues against many hobgoblins, as well as Savage Minotaurs, hobgoblin dark casters, and rogue mages. The battle is won, with a moderate amount of casualties.

The party now has to decide how to approach the city.



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