Session 8 - Dull

We start out with our goblin rogue. Snig looks around, obviously surprised at his location. One minute he’s in a tavern, getting ready to pick pocket some drunkard. The next, he’s in a readied inn room. Cautiously, he sneaks down the stairs, and overhears “I AM GOING TO KILL THE NEXT GOBLIN I SEE”, and a slam of a mug on the table. Snig scurries back up to the room, and quickly tailors a crude hooded cloak. He sneaks out the font door, also managing to catch sight of a few halflings.Apparently, Snig has managed to get himself into a town of goblin haters. Our goblin manages to catch word of something happening in the graveyard. Curiosity gets the best of him, and he heads that way.

Our party starts to exit the graveyard, and is approached by guards. They question them, and are fairly certain they are telling the truth, but in order to make sure, they ask a task of them. With promised rewards, the adventurers agree. They make their way around town, asking questions of where the goblins might be. A woman beckons them over.

She tells them that the discrimination of the goblins is unjustified. This town was the one that started feud between the two communities. The community does not just consist of goblins. Some of them or half goblins, some are humans. She wakes her sleeping brother, which happens to be a bard. He then accompanies them by his sister’s request.

As they leave the building, they see a group of sellswords entering the town. The group notices them and comes up to them. They warn them that they should leave, and not steal their jobs. Of the crew, a tiefling, a tamed rage drake, some humans, and a couple, dragonborns.

Once they arrive, they are taken to the leader, which is currently giving a speech to the community about equality and rights among races. The leader, Ignam, says he will be able to move the community, if they can retrieve a box containing magical items from Relin’s Fall. The bard says he knows of this place. Currently, it is home to the Skull Lord Dull. It used to be the home of the Great Wizard Inas Cusidem I’Quam 1000 years ago. The wizard disappeared 200 years ago. So for the rest of the party, add about 35 years to that(3325 PV), since they have established that they are in a time where Torin, the dwarf cleric, is a child.

They head to Relin’s Fall, and not far down in the dungeon, they already find the Skull lord and the magical box. THe battle with the Skull Lord deemed to be challenging indeed. FOr every time they killed an undead, Dull raised him. After learning of his abilities to raise these undead indefinitely, the party manages to barely vanquish the Skull Lord. Our rogue, snig drops unconscious during the fight, and they shut the door and rest in that room.

They awake, and get ready to head out, they open the door and a blast of energy forces them back. They see the tiefling with the palm of his left hand facing them, apparently where the blast of energy came from. Grozz is lying unconscious next to him with a hand crossbow pointed at his throat.



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