Session 7 - FFF - Forests, Fires, and Flyers

Our adventurers leaves the sewers and find Grozz staring down at them. “You’re a little late”. They party heads back to Leon and reports it was nothing more than a simple goblin infestation and found no more leads. Frustated, but thankful, Leon tells them to take some time off. He also tells them that they have gained enough trust to use their towns portal code. He sends them to the mage’s guild and Torin receives the ritual.

Torin…...hits the tavern. Dumps 100 gold and says free drinks for everyone. Word spreads quickly around town: “Frelen’s Tavern, FREE DRINKS ON TORIN”. The tavern fills up quite fast. All the while Unsung, faithfully protecting Torin from any pickpocketing, not participating in any drinking. Throughout his drinking, he hears word of a wife that had gotten lost in [[Rain-Ridden Forest]].

While Torin is busy getting drunk off his ass, our friendly neighborhood Snig…is not being so friendly. He’s hit the nobles district and is on a utensil stealing streak. He goes through a few nobles houses and manages to steal almost 300 gold worth of random junk. He exits the nobles district, with a smirk on his face. Moments later, screams “MY GODS, IVE BEEN ROBBED”. Snig hits the shadows even harder and hastily moves away. Snig hits the inn after a long night of secret agentry.

Grozz is sitting outside the guard post, promised the skull of the black dragon they killed in trap infested dungeon. He awaits outside the door, and he finally gets it around 6am. Grozz’s infamous items : Cloak of the dire wolf, and black dragon skull.

After the party groups up the next day, they manage to come across the wizard-on-a-bike. He tells them that Medicus Quisnam is looking for them, and gives them a map to his mage tower.

Snig now absolutely intrigued by this hovering motorcycle, decides to look around town for him. Snig finds him at the mage’s guild. He gets off his bike, and mutters some incantation and the bike goes all small and he fits it into his pocket. Snig, determined to steal this bike, decides to go undercover. He buys a mage robe and follows him around the mage’s guild. Snig never manages to find a moment to steal it from him. He leaves the guild, pops out his bike and hovers away too fast for snig to follow.

They party heads for Medicus’ tower. They have to travel through the [[Rain-Ridden Forest]]. Surprisingly enough, they manage to come across a woman unconscious on the ground. They go up to inspect the corpse further… Init. A group of forest dwellers attack them, including a druid and a shambler.

Our barbarian, Grozz, manages to get consumed by the shambler…twice. First, just becuase the Shambler was closest to Grozz. Second, because Grozz used his daily on him. They manage to finish off the foresty creatures and proceed onward to Medicus.

They arrive at the tower, it stands over 1000 feet tall. The door is incribed with a puzzle of a simple math problem. Grozz says “hrrmmm” and writes a 1, it disappears, writes a 2, it disappears, writes a 3, it disappears, and Grozz gets zapped by electricity….......Grozz writes a 4…zap…Finally Torin does the simple calculation and writes an 8. The door opens.(This is significant, the party has recently discovered they all have magical tattoos of 8’s)

Medicus asks them to retreive an object for them. They ask what the item is, but he seems a bit reluctant to speak about it. He promises them magical items, and thats enough for them. He gives them potions and sends them through a portal to what most readily described as the elemental plane of fire. They are at an abandoned salamander outpost, supposed to retrieve a magical orb. They peak out the door , and see a group of salamanger across the way. They were told by Medicus that they could not handle the salamanders. So tehy quickly shut the door, hoping they cannot be seen.

They peak back out, they are still there. As he shuts the door, a fiery creature that resembles a dragon lands and decimates the salamanders in seconds. He flies off after grabbing a few corpses. They proceed slowly to the outside, to find the outpost raised high above the lava, is actually split down the middle, creating a fiery pit of doom in between the two pieces of outpost.

They encounter a group of fire snakes that almost destroy Unsung on the first turn. An armory is also nearby, where they stash up on magical weapons to be sold later. They use some large axes here to chop down a scout tower to create a bridge between the two pieces of outpost. They scavenge the only standing building and manage to find the orb.

They head back and as they enter the room, a flash of light. They are now sitting in a graveyard behind some tombstones. Torin looks to his left, and much to his surprise, he sees…himself. Except the self that he is looking at is when he is a child. He walks over to the child and tells him to trust in the power of his god. Grozz also gives him some words of ‘advice’. “Always charge into the head of battle right away”.

The group finds itself at a funeral of one of the townsmen. The wife, while obviously depressed, seems happy to see Torin. She exclaims “Our preacher said there were no Clerics in! But by your garments, you are obviously a cleric, Please, i beg of you, come on pray with me for my husband.” Torin agrees. The ceremony is shortly over. and The wife asks for some time with just Torin alone, so they can pray together. Torin shoos away his party members all the way to the graveyard entrance.

Opps, its a succubus. And demons. Humanoid Demons, wielding greatswords fly from the rooftops, killing all the villagers on the way down. Imps appears from the back of the graveyard and fly towards the party. Torin proceeds to charge into his allies, with every intention to attack them. Torin manages to break free of the enchantment before attacking his party. Soon enough, Torin once again appears on the battlefield…This time, its the younger version he saw earlier, except…alot bigger. He puts the beat down on the demons, and flashes of Torin’s deity appear in front of every strike directed at young Torin, deflecting the blows. They also manage to see a goblin shaman helping them, then grab something off one of the imp corpses, and runs off.



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