Over the months

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so here is a large summary of whats happened of the past few months.

To my group : Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see added in the summary that I might have missed.

After the ambush, the city approaches the town on all sides. After a battle amongst the party and hobgoblins, the party goes down into the mining cave, to find red crystals being harvested by the townsfolk themselves.

They also find Wrathius and Jeb Vandiere, leaders in the operation, ransacking the town, and possibly the cause behind the gathering of the Marsfel army. Guarding them is his Muluvien’s corrupt apprentice. The party struggles to catch Wrathius and save Muluvien at the same time.

Wrathius masters the power of his tablet conjoined with the power of the As’rathi crystal. The land surrounding the area, as well as where the crystal itself is rise up, creating devastating volcanoes. After saving Muluvien, the other half of our party managed to get in the passageway to the central chamber, where the crystal is located. After being shot up by extremely pressurized air pockets, the entire party lands right on the side of the volcano.

Wrathius’s apprentice manages to hold of the party while Jeb and Wrathius escape in the knick of time. An entity assembles before their eyes, a creation of the As’rathi’s power itself. A gensai stands before the party, with eyes of destruction intently looking upon the apprentice.

The entity is Jett, a sentient being from another realm of existence that has been frozen in time for thousands of years. He insists on helping the party, for they have saved the world from an eternal state of imprisonment.

After destroying the apprentice, Mardred asks the party to help save her tribal encampment that is being threatened by the volcanic powers of the newly arisen mountaintops. The party agrees, but after reaching the cave, James’s arch-nemesis appears and demands the artifact from james.




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