Campaign 2 - Sessions Recap

Our adventurers were sent to find the As’rathi arfifact in the Ancient Temple of SSendam, a Slaad god. They find the entrance to the main chamber, but the passage is sealed. In order to gain access, they believe that they will have to find a set of 6 statues that act like a key.

After exploring the temple, the party finds the GGG. This organization ransacks ancient buildings and ruins for treasures and devices. After some diplomacy, the organization agrees to aid the party in finding these statues in return for finding devices they want.

They complete a series of tasks for the GGG, and end up finally retrieving all of the statues. After opening the passage, they fight a grey slaad and obtain the As’rathi artifact.

Borudor passes the artifact to James in order to prevent scrying on the artifact. When they leave the temple, they notice a light in the distance. They investigate and find out it is a deserted camp. James manages to trick them into thinking he is one of their own and quickly turns a fight from challenging to trivial. They find out that a nearby town of Armsted is under assault from a hobgoblin army headed by an archmage, Wrathius. The party decides its not their business and head straight for the Tutela.

After getting there, they tell the Tutela they found the As’rathi artifact and after much negotiation, they decide on a price, but James says he doesn’t have it, but its in a safe spot. An army of 50 is assigned to the party, both as guardians and watchdogs. Their job is to ensure the safe retrieval of the artifact. The leader of the small force of the Tutela is actually the sister of Wrathius. The party decides to tell the Tutela that the artifact is hidden near the town of Armsted, where Wrathius was last seen.



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