Campaign 2 - Session 5

Our party makes it back to Plentis after clearing bandits, and await the vote to come through.

Prince Jack is a prince no more.

King Jack is granted the Throne. Their mission is successful, the King has promised his forces in the aid against the Marsfall forces.

2000 Militia

500 Elite

50 Mages

After their help was ensured, our party’s Invoker Pelanon, creates a teleportation link to the camp of the Tutela. After arriving, they inform Aaron of their success. While excited about the news, he seems to be a bit distant while the party discusses what happened with them. After the report, Aaron tells them of an oncoming force from Marsfall heading to two nearby cities.

One city has promised to provide war machines and mages for the coming war, while the other is a main supplier of foods to nearby cities.

They decided to help the city that provided war machines. After some strategy and tactics that had be discussed, the party defends the city from the oncoming attack. The 2nd wave on the easy side had some strange attackers. Hill Giant and a gorgon charged in with a quickling running through the party, essentially performing ‘hit and runs’. The only “casualty” in the party was James. He was petrified by the gorgon. The local wizard survived the fight and cured his ailment.



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