Campaign 2 - Session 2

Our heroes are met by a new party member, a longtooth shifter and ranger from <xyz>. He catches up to the party just in time for them to be caught by the guard. A couple civilians say that they were the assassins and to arrest them.

Everyone is taken into the captain’s office and then interrogated. The party cooperates for the most part, and is found to be innocent. They are offered a job to clear out a haunted house. After some searching, they find an entrance to the underground level of the haunted house. They get there via a tunnel spanning from a nearby old lady’s house. Come to find out, this old lady isn’t making use of the house, and our shifter ranger finds out this one is a changeling.

In the underground level, the party finds 8 columns of steel that leads all the way back up into the columns upstairs. In the center of the 8 columns is a floating red crystal. The halfling jumps onto the crystal, and it doesn’t move an inch. Some magic is keeping this crystal in place.



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