Campaign 2 - Session 1

Our characters include :

Grozz the bugbear barbarian, expert kobold kicker and Hero of Qualdron.

James the halfling rogue-like, WTB history

Borudor the Dwarf Warden, protector of the forests, AKA Treehugger.

Our heroes start out on the Blue Blazer, a boat headed to Grenshin. They have accepted the journey there as a “body guard” on the boat, with the exception of our bugbear, Grozz, who was simply there because he got intoxicated and stumbled upon a boat. Grozz was quite the popular one on the boat, talked to by many, questioning his past, trying to get stories of his heroism, that saved the capitol city of Qualdron. After talks of heroism and a few drinks of ale, our adventurers make it to the town of Grenshin.

After they arrive, they’re told to go to the innkeeper of the Lion’s Pride, an inn in Grenshin. Once there, they receive their pay and are told about a speech given by the mayor of the town, but more importantly, Redgrin will be speaking about the recent uprising of hordes of goblins and hobgoblins in the West. Redgrin is the famous fey-champion from the elven city of Tranquilin, a town that lies in southwest. He fended off over 50 undead from the city when he just an adolescent. Once the fey-champions heard of his valorous deeds, they sought to induct him into their ranks as a special member.

The party makes it to the speech and almost falls asleep to the words of the mayor. After Redgrin came on stage, they kept an eyelid open. Apparently, this guy does some “fancy” things, atleast, according to the innkeeper they were talking to. Within a few minutes, Borudor and James spot a suspicious character on the roof. Moments later, an arrow lets loose from his bow, flying true into Redgrin’s chest. Redgrin collapses, much to our heroes’ surprise. An arrow strike like that should not have felled such a great warrior. The audience panics at the death of their great hero.

Borudor heads for the bandit that is currently fleeing away from the crowd via rooftops, while Grozz and James fight the crowd and head to the body of Redgrin. The crowd poses some trouble for the two. James’ first instinct is to maneuver through the crowd, while Grozz just simply yells and everyone clears a path for him. James pockets the arrow the slayed Redgrin and Grozz proceeds to pick up James for a quick run. (That’s right; a huge bugbear is carrying a halfling.) They run through the crowd to catch up with borudor.

Borudor manages to spot the assassin crossing the rooftops. He thinks quickly and finds a shortcut, cutting off his path with earthen-empowered attack on the building which sends him hurling towards the ground. It doesn’t take much talking after that impressive attack to keep him down.

James and Grozz meet up with him and are about to start questioning him whenever they are ambushed by a group of shady characters. They say they want to protect the assassin and demand they give him up to them. James tries to bribe his way out. Grozz is clueless, and Borudor can’t accept giving away this murderer without him receiving some sort of justice.

INITIATIVE! ... I mean… combat starts with borudor defending against the bandits, while grozz stands clueless, until his sword finally suggests that he help his ‘friends’. James sneaks around behind the supposed leader of the group. Unexpectly, the leader walks up and, with a mighty blow, slays the assassin. The group manages to incapacitate…rather, kill the bandits.



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